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Carpological Collection

Certificated: by the Certificate about Botanical Collection No. 41 given 2 X 2006 and based on the solution of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection board of 25 IX 2006 No. 9/3

Foundation year: 1936

Curator: D.I. Tret'yakov

Number of specimens: 2 000

Number of species: more 1 500

Collections geography: Belarus, Western and Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania), Caucasus

Registration unit: specimen (the material stored in glass tubes, cardboxes, paper packages, glass jars)

Collection materials contens:
etalon collection of weed seeds;
dry specimens of arboreous plant seeds and fruits collected by N.I. Chekalinskaya, Yu.D. Sirotkin, et al. in 1950s;
weed seeds samples collected in 1960s1970s in Belarus by N.V. Kozlovskaya, R.P. Kuznetsova (Shtutina), V.A. Mikhailovskaya, G.F. Rykovsky, L.G. Simonovich, I.M. Yakovleva;
samples of seeds collected for carpological study of the republic flora, each of which is documented by herbarium samples (T.O. Davidchik, S.A. Dmitrieva, L.V. Semerenko, I.V. Shvets);
specimens of wild plant seeds and fruits collected in 1970s1990s in Belarus by G.V. Vynaev, S.A. Dmitrieva, L.V. Semerenko, D.I. Tret'yakov, I.V. Shvets;
samples of gymnosperm cones, collected in 1970s1990s;
ethanol-conserved samples of spore vascular plants (e.g. Equisetum) spore-spoducing organs

Main recent years collectors: S.A. Dmitrieva, D.I. Tret'yakov, T.O. Davidchik

Databasing: The database on carpological collection was started.

Location: room 419, 021