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Fungi – Samples Gallery


Fungal Herbarium
including Fungal Culture Collection

Certificated: by the Certificate about Botanical Collection No. 33 given 2 VIII 2005 and based on the solution of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection board of 27 VII 2005 No. 7/6

Foundation year: 1949

Curators: E.O. Yurchenko (aphyllophoroid fungi; micromycetes belonging to Oomycota, Zygomycota, Ascomycota, Urediniomycetes, Ustomycetes, anamorphic fungi), Ya.A. Shaparava (macromycetes belonging to Ascomycota, agaricoid, gasteroid, and heterobasidioid fungi)

Number of specimens: ca 15 000

Number of species: more 2 000

Collections geography: Belarus, North, West and East Europe (mostly Russia and Ukraine), Caucasus, Urals, Middle and Southwest Asia; few in number specimens: Far East, Southeast Asia, Caribbeans

Registration unit: specimen (envelope), herbarium sheet

Collection materials contents:
exsiccata "G.S. Nevodovskii. Fungi of the USSR" (1954), "Moscow Naturalists Society. Fungi of the USSR" (1955, 1957, 1958), "A.S. Bondarzew. Fungi exsiccati URSS" (1959), "Mycotheca Petropolitana" (2006, 2008)
specimens, collected by V.F. Kuprevich in 1940s;
specimens of rust, smut, and powdery mildew fungi, collected in 1954–1956 by T.A. Shcherbakova;
specimens collected of 1950s–1980s:
– by G.I. Serzhanina (agaricioid fungi, discomycetes, gasteroid fungi, aphyllophoroid fungi, heterobasidiomycetes), more 2 000;
– by E.P. Komarova (aphyllophoroid fungi), ca 2 000;
– by A.I. Golovko (Klimovich; aphyllophoroid fungi, especially Phellinus ), ca 1 000;
– less numerous collections by V.I. Nitievskaya and N.I. Chekalinskaya (pathogenic fungi on fabaceous herbs – anamorphic, rust, ascomycetous, Peronosporales), and L.G. Simonovich, L.B. Utyro, Z.V. Zakharova (various macrofungi);
specimens collected in 1970s–2000s:
– by E.O. Yurchenko (aphyllophoroid fungi, especially Peniophora), more 2 000;
– by O.S. Gapienko (agaricoid fungi, discomycetes), ca 2000;
– less numerous collections by D.B. Belomesyatseva (anamorphic fungi, ascomycetes), I.A. Khantsevich (agaricoid fungi), N.G. Kordiyako (aphyllophoroid fungi), Ya.A. Shaparava (Minkovskaya) (agaricoid fungi, especially the Russulaceae); D.I. Tret'yakov (miscellaneous macrofungi)
myxomycete collection, specimens by Ye.L. Moroz et al.;
mycophilous fungi from collection by G. Arnold (2004) as dried cultures on agar

Databasing: The maintained databases are “Macromycete herbarium” (Ya.A. Shaparava), CORTBEL (aphyllophoroid fungi; E.O. Yurchenko), "Micromycete herbarium" (D.B. Belomesyatseva, anamorphic and rust fungi, Ascomycota, Oomycota, Zygomycota)

Location: rooms 401, 402, 404, 415