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Antique bookcase in the Herbarium library

Rare old books on plant systematics and flora

Title page of an unpublished manuscript by Mikhailovskaya “Flora of Byelorussian State Reserve on the Berezina river”

A page from a field journal by N.V. Kozlovskaya (1973)


The Herbarium Library

Number of storage units: more 1 200

Storage units categories:
books, brochures, journals, offprints, thesis author's abstracts;
thesis manuscripts;
personal archives of scientists (M.P. Tomin, N.V. Kozlovskaya, N.A. Burtys, G.A. Kim, P.M. San'ko);
unpublished manuscripts;
xerographic copies of rare books;
photocopies of rare publications on electronic media;
thematic research accounts of Flora and Plant Systematics Laboratory;
other Flora and Plant Systematics Laboratory files;
files of dendrological collection of Central Botanical Garden NASB;
map materials;
iconotheca (photos, drawings)

Replenishment sources: acquisitions, gifts, exchange

Main authors of the digital photographic materials: A.N. Skuratovich, D.V. Dubovik, E.O. Yurchenko

Main location: room 419

The part of the Library stored in Flora and Plant Systematics Laboratory, includes many rare book and serials.

The part of the Library stored in Laboratory of Mycology, includes fungi identification books, copies of the articles on fungi taxonomy, books and brochures on phytopathology, thesis abstracts, serials.

Rare botanical serials:
Acta Botanica Fennica (Helsinki)
Annales Botanici Fennici (Helsinki)
Botanica Lithuanica (Vilnius)
Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica, Series Polonica (Kraków)
Komarovia (Saint Petersburg)
Phytocoenosis (Warszawa–Bialowieza)
Polish Botanical Studies (Kraków)
Vestnik Ekologii, Lesovedeniya i Landshaftovedeniya (Tyumen’, Institute of Nothern Development)

Rare mycological serials:
Acta Mycologica (Societas Botanicorum Poloniae, Łódź)
Boletus: Zeitschrift des Bundesfachausschusses Mykologie
Folia Cryptogamica Petropolitana (Saint Petersburg)
Rivista di Micologia: Bollettino dell’ Associazione Micologica Bresadola
Bolezni Rastenii: Vestnik Tsentral'noi fitopatologicheskoi stantsii Imperatorskogo botanicheskogo sada Petra Velikogo

Mycena: An independent mycological journal

Mycena is a special periodical devoted to taxonomy of fungi and fungi-like organisms and related subjects, beginned in 2001 and being designed to publish results of research based on MSK fungal and lichen herbarium.

First image in the left pannel: 5-volume "Flora of the BSSR" (1949–1959)