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Lichen Herbarium


Certificated: by the Certificate about Botanical Collection No.40 given 2 X 2006 and based on the solution of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection board of 25 IX 2006 № 9/3, and also as a part of Botanical collection No.33

Foundation year: 1934

Curators: N.N. Kobzar, D.I. Tret'yakov

Adviser: V.V. Golubkov

Number of specimens: ca 35 000

Number of species: more 1000

Collections geography: Belarus, North, Western, and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Urals, Siberia, Asian Arctic, Far East, Middle Asia, Africa, North America; a few specimens: Antarctida, Caribbeans

Registration unit: specimen (envelope), herbarium sheet

Collection materials contents:
authentic specimens of 46 species, varieties, and forms described from Europe and Asia;
specimens from the colections by E.K. Stuckenberg "Herbarium Rossicum" (1910-20s), "Herbarium Vsevolod Pavlovich Savicz" (1910-20s); separate specimens from West Europe collections (the earliest one dated 1800)
samples collected by M.P. Tomin in 1920-40s in Siberia, European Russia, Belarus; samples collected by N.O. Tsetterman in Belarus (1930s)
exsiccata "A. Vězda: Lichenes Bohemoslovakiae exsiccatae" (colelcted in 1950s), "Lichenes Arctici. Lichens from northern Alaska" (coll. in 1950s), "Lichenotheca Fennica" (coll. in 1940-50s), "Lichenotheca Polonica" (coll. in 1950s), "V.P. Savicz. Lichenotheca Rossica" (coll. in 1920s), "Plantae Varsavienses exsiccatae" (coll. in 1950s)
duplicates from LE Herbarium (now in Komarov Botanical Institute, St-Petersburg): including samples of 1890-1920s from collection Institutum cryptogamicum Horti Botanici Reipublicae Rossicae (collected by A.A. Elenkin et al.), collections by L.N. Vasil'eva (Primor'e and Sakhalin, 1950-60s), P.L. Gorchakovskii (Urals, 1950s), B.A. Keller (Low Volga region,. 1920s), V.B. Kuvaev and Preobrazhenskii (Pribaikal'e, 1950s), K.S. Merezhkovskii (Crimea, Low Volga region, 1900-1910s), N.G. Shafeev (Middle Asia, European Russia, 1940-50s), K.A. Rassadina, and many other collectors
duplicates from "Herbarium lichenum Estoniae" (coll. in 1930-40s), "Herbarium of the University of Colorado" (coll. in 1950s), "Plantae australiuralensis. E.A. Selivanova-Gorodkova", and from the Herbarium of Bashkirskii Reserve (1940s), Herbarium of the Institute of Botany Ac. Sci. of Ukraine (coll. by M. Makarevicz and E. Kopachevskaya, 1950s)
specimens collected in 194070s in Belarus: main part collections of N.V. Gorbach (Semenova); less numerous collections of D.K. Ges'; samples from the "Herbarium of Berezinskii State Reserve", collected by N.V. Gorbach (1960s) and N.N. Kobzar (1970s)
specimens collected in 19702000 by V.V. Golubkov (more 5  000), N.N. Kobzar, A.P. Yatsyna; not numerous specimens of other collectors (Ye.Ye. Bludov, O.M. Maslovskii, D.I. Tret'yakov, G.V. Vynaev, E.O. Yurchenko)

Databases: The lichen herbarium databases were beginned in the Laboratory of Mycology and Laboratory of Flora and Plant Systematics.

Location: rooms 408, 021