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Paleobotanical Collection

Certificated: by the Certificate about Botanical Collection No. 42 given 2 X 2006 and based on the solution of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection board of 25 IX 2006 No. 9/3

Foundation year: 1985

Curator: D.I. Tret'yakov

Adviser: M.I. Loshenkov

Number of specimens: 353

Number of species: 32

Collections geography: Belarus, Eastern Europe (Russia)

Registration unit: specimen

Collection materials contents:
collection of weed seeds and cultivated plant seeds and their fragments;
ceramics fragments with cultivated plants seed imprints

Samples were obtained from archeological digs materials and identificated by the Herbarium collaborators. They are carbonized seeds mainly of cereals and concomitant weeds, and digged seeds from peatlands.

Main recent years collectors: M.I. Loshenkov, Maks.Mikh. Chernyavskii, N.N. Dubitskaya, N.N. Krival'tsevich, A.A. Sedin, L.V. Koledinskii, P.N. Podgurskii, A.V. Iov

Databasing: The maintained databases are “Macromycete herbarium” (Ya.A. Shaparava) and CORTBEL (aphyllophoroid fungi; E.O. Yurchenko).

Location: room 419

Left pannel: digged seeds and digged ceramic fragments with seed imprints from MSK-P collection