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Vascular Plant Herbarium Samples Gallery

The file of Centurium III exsiccata, published by P.Kh. Pabo and K.A. Cholovskii in 1855

Actaea spicata from exsiccata of Pabo and Cholovskii (1855)

Cirsium pannonicum from exsiccata of N.V. Downar (1862)

Festuca ovina,
coll. L.M. Balkavets 1922

Clematis recta,
coll. M.I. Pryakhin 1927

Inula hirta,
coll. V.M. Nikolaeva 1947

Glyceria lithuanica, coll. L.G. Simonovich 1975

Lythrum virgatum, coll. G.V. Vynaev 1988

Botrychium lunaria, coll. V.F. Pobirushko 1989

Lithospermum officinale, coll. E.O. Yurchenko 1996

Ptelea trifoliata, coll. D.I. Tret'yakov 1997

Equisetum hiemale, coll. D.V. Dubovik, A.N. Skuratovich 2005
MSK-V herbarium has rather rich geographical part, consisting both of the materials collected by Belarusian workers and by abroad collectors (in the last case they are moslty duplicates from other herbaria). Here is a gallery of some specimens collected by workers from Belarus:
Boschniakia rossica, Magadan oblast, coll. A.M. Morozov 1989
Sarracenia purpurea, Canada, coll. P.V. Parfenov 1991
Ficus carica, Krasnodar krai, coll. V.V. Golubkov 1993
Parietaria pensylvanica, Poland, coll. Z. Tracciakou, J. Guzik 1999
Taxodium distichum, Krasnodar krai, coll. L.A. Nikiforova 2000
Arceuthobium oxycedri, Crimea, coll. M.V. Yermokhin 2001
Cedrus atlantica, Odessa oblast, coll. D.V. Dubovik, A.N. Skuratovich 2007
Casuarina sp., Thailand, coll. E.O. Yurchenko 2007